Projects for 2019

  • Complete the building of The Kenya Kesho School for Girls
  • 79 new sponsors for girls’ primary education required for January 2020
  • Raise funds for school desks and chairs for 5 classrooms
  • Raise funds for benches and tables in the canteen
  • Raise funds for crockery and cutlery, cooking pots and pans for the canteen
  • Raise funds for doors and windows for the new school
  • Raise funds for the steel trusses for the school roof
  • Raise funds for shelving for the library
  • Find a sponsor to fund and equip the art and music room
  • Donor for lap-top computers for the teachers and students
  • Maintaining and managing two greenhouses. Veggie gardener US$160 per month
  • Raise funds for solar power for the veggie tunnel water pumps
  • Maintaining and managing six bee hives. Pay for a bee-keeper US$150 per month
  • Raise funds to build teachers’ accommodation at The Kenya Kesho School for Girls


Help build The Kenya Kesho School for Girls

US$ 1500.Euro 1340.GB£ 1200.KShs 151, 500

Building a future for young girls can start with bricks and mortar.  We are constructing a school in a rural area where young women have few opportunities to get a good, basic education.  Education lays the foundation for a much bigger, brighter future.

Books for Kids    

US$ 25Euro 22GB£ 19KShs 2,500

No need to read between the lines! It is simple.

Your gift provides The Kenya Kesho School for Girls with lesson books and reading books.

By helping someone open a book, you can open a mind too.


US$ 10Euro 8GB£ 7KShs 1,000

A bar of soap, for us, is a staple by the sink.

For others, it can treat jigger infestations and keep kids clean and healthy.

Plant a line of vegetables in the garden    

US$ 40Euro 35GB£ 30KShs 4,000

Plant a garden and plant the seeds for a better future!

School Desks    

US$ 40Euro 35GB£ 30KShs 4,000

Donate a desk and enable a child to start school

   For every desk we make we plant one indigenous tree to help the environment.  

Be part of something big!

If you would like to help with any of these projects, please see the relevant web page
email us or click the donate button.